What is Anaesthesia

What is a Specialist Anaesthetist

Specialist Anaesthetists are Medical Doctors who have undergone many years of further training in the field of Anaesthesia. Most Anaesthetists will have been training for a minimum of 15years before classifying themselves as a Specialist. They are experts in managing medical emergencies and look after patients pain and general well-being before and after operations. Anaesthetists are often trained in areas of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine.

What is Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is the absence of pain sensation in either any or all parts of the body. In a general anaesthetic, consciousness is lost and you go to “sleep”. In a local or regional anaesthetic, only a part of your body loses sensation or goes “numb” e.g. arm or legs.

The drugs used in anaesthesia can affect other body functions. Your Specialist Anaesthetist is an expert in maintaining homeostasis (normal body function) while under the effects of anaesthesia. You will be reassured to know your anaesthetist will be present throughout your entire operation to take care of you. Your Specialist Anaesthetist aims to have you in a constant state of comfort during and after surgery.

About Dr Dennis Millard

Dr Dennis Millard is a Medical Doctor and Specialist Anaesthetist in Western Australia. He has completed additional fellowship training in Regional Anaesthesia (Nerve Blocks), Retrieval medicine (RFDS), and 3rd world medicine.

Dr Dennis Millard works primarily in South West Western Australia, including Busselton Hospital, SJOG Bunbury, and Bunbury Day Hospital and Bunbury Regional Hospital where he is a training supervisor for Anaesthetic trainees.  He also works at West Leederville Private Hospital in Perth. He begun training in medicine in 2003, and holds the following accreditations:

FANZCA – Specialist Anaesthetist

RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) – Staff Specialist

MBBS (UWA) – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

B. Sci  (Curtin University) Viticulture and Oenology

FIMAT member – Fiji Disaster Relief team

Surfing Doctors – Secretary and co-founder

ADFA (Australian Doctors For Africa) – member and volunteer

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There will be a gap between the fee for your anaesthetic and the rebates from Medicare and your insurer. It would be more accurate to call it an insurance shortfall and it is the direct result of federal government policy.

Each anaesthetist sets their own fees. As a general guideline, for most procedures, your anaesthetic fee will be in excess of the Medicare rebate but less than the fee that the Australian Medical Association recommend as being fair and reasonable. You will usually receive a written estimate of your anaesthetic fee. Uninsured patients are normally requested to pay their account in advance.

If you would like to learn more about the Health insurance rebates for anaesthesia procedures – this link from the Australian Society of Anaesthesia regarding billing. 


For enquires please contact Dr. Millard’s rooms on (08) 97917539

or email admin@drdennismillard.com.au


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West Leederville Private Hospital

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